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The 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Cartagena


Cartagena has one of the most well preserved Spanish downtowns in South America, with streets lined with beautiful and well-preserved buildings that blend both the old and new. Read on for a glimpse at must-visit spots in Cartagena where you can capture great pictures for Instagram and social media.


Begin in Cartagena’s downtown, a city where the Spanish influence can still be seen everywhere you turn. The churches, parks, plazas, and museums that make up downtown are great spots to take a variety of pictures that capture the vibe of the city. Make sure to stop by Parque Simon Bolivar, Catedral de Santa Catalina de Alejandría, and Plaza San Pedro Claver to get a real colonial taste of the city.

Old Wall

This amazing wall was constructed throughout almost the entirety of the 1600s and 1770s in an effort to protect the city from pirate attacks, which were frequent during that time. Walk along the walls for unparalleled shots overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Try to plan your visit for either sunrise or sundown for a chance to glimpse some truly spectacular views.

San Felipe Castle

Here you can explore a 480-year old castle that has been invaded by pirates over its long history. Located right next to the Old Wall, the castle stands atop a 130-foot hill, affording great spots for pictures both looking up at the castle and looking down from it. You can also explore the underground labyrinth of tunnels as well as the 68 cannons surrounding the castle.


Perhaps nowhere else in Colombia is as vibrant, trendy and colorful as Getsemani. Brightly colored buildings surrounded by street vendors and palm trees make for fantastic photo opportunities. The neighborhood is centered around the lively Holy Trinity Square, where you can find boutique stores, bars, and restaurants offering almost every cuisine imaginable. With musicians, street performers, and unique street art popping up everywhere you turn, you’ll never find yourself bored in this neighborhood.

Calle 28

This narrow street is a hidden gem in the middle of Cartagena. Filled with colorful flags that fly above the street, this is a great spot that many visitors aren’t aware of. Stroll down this street when you want a break from other more touristy sections of Cartagena.

Las Tres Guerreras

For visitors really seeking to impress their Instagram followers, it’s difficult to top Las Tres Guerreras (which stands for The Three Warriors), a dazzling mural that can be found on the side of Quintal Distrito Gourmet. The Irish artist Fin DAC, created this mural inspired by the variety of cultures and ethnicities that make up Cartagena and the region. Although it is one of the most visited photo spots in the city, it is definitely worth it.

Plaza de Trinidad

Although this public square gets very crowded at night, the less crowded daytime provides great opportunities for you to snap some photos of murals, street art, and a monument featuring three statues that honor Pedro Romero, an integral part of the Cartagena independence movement. The plaza is also filled with restaurants, bars, and much more.

La Popa

One of the most famous churches in Colombia, the 17th-century Convento de la Popa is the highest point in Cartagena, providing great views of the surrounding city. You’ll feel as if you’re on top of the world as you look out on the red-roofed, whitewashed buildings that stretch out into the Caribbean. You can also walk inside the convent and take pictures of the beautiful architecture and gardens.

Cartagena Cathedral

One of the oldest episcopal cathedrals in the Americas, Cartagena Cathedral is incredibly well preserved, providing great photo opportunities. Make sure to capture the domed clock tower and bright yellow exterior as well as wander inside to see impressive frescos, altars, pulpits, and ornamentation.

Abaco Libros Y Café

This cozy bookstore is a great spot to unwind, grab a cup of coffee, and look at the pictures you have captured so far on your trip. It’s also a great subject for taking more pictures with its picturesque layout and bookshelves. Stop here for a chance to reflect on your day or plan your next stop.

From castles to side streets, and cathedrals to sunsets, Cartagena has awesome photo opportunities practically everywhere you turn. Make sure to check out these 10 spots on your next trip to the city of Cartagena.


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