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Reasons Salvadorans are so in love with their country


Salvadorans are proud of their home country, and for good reason. El Salvador is a beautiful country filled with incredibly warm and friendly people, and even Salvadorans who have moved overseas return often. Read on for why Salvadorans love their country so much and what visitors can expect when visiting this hidden gem in Central America.

El Salvador has Warm and Friendly People

Salvadorans are known for their warmth and friendliness, both to each other and to international visitors. They love to discuss their country and what makes it so special, and there is a sense of tight-knit community across villages and towns. They know that they live in one of the most gorgeous countries in the world, and they are eager to share the experience with visitors.

El Salvador has Majestic Beaches

The serenity of El Salvadoran beaches is unmatched, and Salvadorans and tourists alike can be found enjoying them year-round. Beaches like Playa El Tunco, La Libertad, Costa del Sol, El Sunzal, and Playa Las Flores are filled with beachgoers boating, swimming, jet skiing, cliff diving, paddle boarding, surfing, and much more.

El Salvador has a Unique Culture

Salvadorans are proud of their culture, and they are happy to share it with visitors eager to immerse themselves in it. Salvadorans are particularly happy to share their distinctive food traditions, the history of their people, and the beautiful landscapes that etch every corner of the country.

El Salvador has Vast Tropical Landscapes

Salvadorans know they live in a tropical landscape that others in the world can only dream of. In fact, although El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, it has five national parks devoted solely to protecting the incredibly rich diversity, spanning volcanoes, tropical forests, and bird sanctuaries. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the mountains that line the heart of the country and beaches that form the Western coast.

El Salvador has Delicious Food

The most famous food and national dish of El Salvador is the pupusa, a dish made of a thick corn tortilla stuffed with filling such as beef, pork, cheese, or beans. They can be found virtually anywhere in the country—from big restaurants to small street vendors. Salvadoran food culture draws from the rich history of the country, incorporating both Spanish and indigenous influences for exceptional tastes. Tamales, empanadas, and sopa de pata are several of the other more common dishes that Salvadorans make with pride.

El Salvador has Adventure Activities Close By

El Salvador is a small country, which allows for an action-packed vacation that doesn’t require much traveling. It’s possible for you to spend your morning surfing the waves at a beach like Los Cobanos and then hike a volcano at Cerro Verde National Park that afternoon. Even if you only have a few days for a vacation, you can still see much of the country while also seeking thrills. For a place filled with fun activities for everyone to enjoy, El Salvador is a great vacation destination.

El Salvador has a Rich History

The story of El Salvador is a fascinating one, and Salvadorans are immensely proud of their history and telling the tale of how present-day El Salvador came to be. Its history involves Mayan influences, Spanish conquest, the Mexican Empire, and the constitutional republic that remains to this day. Through good times and bad, Salvadorans have stuck together to protect a rich culture and history that they now happily share with others.

It’s clear that Salvadorans have many reasons to love their homeland. Thankfully, they are eager to share it with others and spread the word about what makes El Salvador such a beloved place for everyone who experiences it. If you’d like to visit bear in mind your adventure can start directly at Boston Logan International Airport.


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