BY Copa

The eight best things to do in Belize, jewel of the Caribbean


There is a hidden corner of the world where paradisiacal Caribbean beaches meet pristine tropical forests. It’s called Belize. This fantastic country is the ideal place for people who love ecotourism, so why not take advantage of your visit and experience all the flora and fauna this incredible country has to offer.

Tourism in Belize is highly developed, but it still has a strong focus on preserving the country’s natural wonders. The best activities for visitors are:

• Swimming with sharks
• Going on a manatee tour
• Diving with whale sharks
• Jaguar watching
• Diving the Great Blue Hole
• Visiting Mayan ruins
• Hiking through Pine Ridge Forest Natural Reserve
• Watching howler monkeys

Discover all this and more as you enjoy the best of tourism in Belize, a jewel of the Caribbean.



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