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When people visit Brazil, they often plan their trip around a visit to Rio de Janeiro, one of the most popular tourist destinations. However, Brazil is an enormous country with much more to offer. It has something for everyone – gorgeous landscapes, cultural centers, and countless spots to explore. Join us as we venture outside of Rio de Janeiro to some of the hidden gems in this jaw-dropping country.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is located where Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay meet, and it is often referred to as the most spectacular waterfall in the entire world. Featured as a filming location for various films, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984. Spanning 1.7 miles in width, the falls feature numerous footpaths to explore.

It’s a good idea to plan to spend more than one day at Iguazu Falls, as there are a multitude of activities to take advantage of. You can take a jet boat tour, rappel down the falls, or hike in the tropical rainforest that surround the falls. Sightseeing at Iguazu Falls is truly an experience unlike any other. Iguazu Falls is accessible via Foz do Iguacu Airport (IGU), located near the falls.

Fernando de Noronha

Located off the Brazilian coast, Fernando de Noronha is a spectacular archipelago of 21 islands that feature fantastic unspoiled beaches. It is one of the premier surfing and diving destinations, attracting young visitors from all over the world. As a marine ecological reserve that is protected by the Brazilian government, the waters off Fernando de Noronha are filled with various types of corals, sponges, dolphins, lobsters, and fish. The islands also offer unique opportunities for boating, hiking, and island exploring.

You can visit Fernando de Noronha via Fernando de Noronha Airport (FEN), located right on the main island.


Located near the larger city of Recife, Olinda is a colonial town overlooking the ocean with a multitude of options to explore. The home of many artists, the town is filled with galleries and museums as well as colonial-era churches and architecture. After exploring the town during the day, check out the historic center at night for a wide variety of restaurant and bar choices. And if you visit in February, you can witness the town put on its famous Carnival. Recife International Airport (REC) is the most accessible airport, located nearby.


In the eastern Brazilian state of Ceará lies Jericoacoara, a beach town that is frequently referred to as one of the most beautiful in the world. Accessible only by traversing unpaved tracks across sand dunes, Jericoacoara has it all: stunning scenery, great restaurants and bars, lively nightlife, and activities for thrill-seekers. Kitesurfers – from beginners to experts – descend on the beach between July and November to enjoy some of the best surfing available anywhere.

Millennials love the exclusive feel of the beach town and flock to it during the summer months. As a hidden gem, it’s a great opportunity for those who seek to escape the crowds and find their own slice of paradise. Jericoacoara Airport (JJD) was opened in 2017 to provide visitors easy access.

From waterfalls to beaches, and colonial towns to marine reserves, Brazil offers visitors a vast variety of options to explore, and this article only touches on several of the options available to you. Because it is such a massive country, it’s virtually impossible to see and experience everything in Brazil in a single trip, which is why you will end your trip already planning your next one. We are confident Brazil will captivate you and have you coming back again and again.


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