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Like any cosmopolitan city, Bogota is a living and breathing entity, evolving constantly to respond to new trends and a growing international community. Here are 10 reasons you’ll want to take the next #BogotaNonStop.

1. Where the Hipsters Are

If you’re looking for that part of town where the hipsters have taken over, Chapinero is where you want to go. Even if you’re not a hipster, you’ll appreciate the eclectic variety of delicious new restaurants that have popped up in recent months like El Ciervo y el Oso and Siete Cabras. This area also boasts the National Theatre, which offers an ever-evolving array of plays and concerts.

2. The Famous Andrés

#NonStopFun is the name of the game at Andrés Carne de Res at both their Chía and D.C. (Downtown) locations. A trip to this quirky place is always worth a visit for a night of dancing and delicious food. Even if you visit Andrés 100 times, the menu is so extensive you’ll always have something new to try.

3. The New Party Scene

If you’re looking for a good time, look no further than the local hostels. Full to the brim with backpackers from across the globe, you’ll never have a boring night in. Skip the fancy clubs and head to Posada Alegría to find a great group of like-minded foreigners for a night of #NonStopFun.

4. Coffee Coffee Coffee

Although Colombia is already famous for its variety of delectable coffee, the organic movement has spawned an even deeper appreciation for the bean. As a testament to this ever-evolving trend, places like Catación Pública in Usaquén are fueling the coffee craze and they’ll certainly make you a raving fan.

5. We Love Soccer

Few countries breath soccer like Colombia. Office cubicles empty, bars fill up and the city comes to a standstill whenever Colombia plays. But what you may not have experienced recently is the fervor that local teams generate at El Campin. Watching Los Millonarios is a great way to experience Bogota.

6. Beyond City Limits

On the outskirts of Bogota communities like La Calera, and Chia are worth exploring. A quick hour drive and you’ll discover lush farms, horseback riding, delicious barbecue places and plenty of green open spaces. We recommend you take at least one day to discover the delightful local flavors just outside the city.

7. The Writing on the Wall

Following a growing trend in places like Wynwood in Miami, Bogota has acquired its own impressive collection of graffiti art. The official graffiti walking tour is a great way to see the city, and it’s free (donations encouraged).

8. Music To Your Ears

Estéreo Picnic is the very definition of #NonStopFun. The festival consists of three days of music in March just outside the city and has featured artists like Snoop Dogg, The Weekend, Deadmau5 and countless others. Consider planning you next #BogotaNonStop for March 2018.

9. Fair-ly new

Since its inception in 2013, Feria Buró, the independent design fair, is just one of the many fairs that Bogota hosts annually. From La Feria del Millón for contemporary art and La Feria del Libro for books, there’s a fair for every hobby.

10. The People

If you’ve been to Bogota before, you know that Colombians are happy, polite, energetic people. You’ll always be encouraged to dance, treated well at restaurants and met with a smile. Who wouldn’t want to go back?

Bogota is a teenage cosmopolitan city; it is experiencing some of the growing pains of early adulthood but it’s coming into its own as a strong, friendly, wildly interesting city. There are always new reasons to take the next #BogotaNonStop!


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