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What an adventure packed weekend in El Salvador looks like


As the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador is jam-packed with a multitude of activities to experience. In fact, a three day trip to El Salvador is plenty of time to see many of the most popular and fun attractions in the country. Check out the following itinerary for a three day trip that begins at Boston Logan International Airport and ends in El Salvador, with activities including jumping off waterfalls, learning to surf, eating fantastic food, climbing towering volcanoes, and exploring the culture of this wonderful country.

Day One

Start your trip off in Santa Ana, one of the popular tourist destinations in El Salvador. Begin your day with a guided hike up Santa Ana Volcano, the country’s tallest volcano that offers panoramic views of surrounding towns and landscapes in addition to the blue lake that sits in the volcano’s crater. In the afternoon, head back to town to explore why Santa Ana is well known for its historical buildings: the Cathedral of Santa Ana, Theater of Santa Ana, and local museums are all must-visits. In the evening, you have a number of excellent dining options to enjoy an authentic El Salvadoran meal and wind down after a busy day hiking and exploring the city.

Day Two

On the second day of your stay, venture over to Playa El Tunco, a quaint beach town known for its waves. There are a ton of surfing instructors available here, and you can hire one for a surfing lesson in the morning, as waves are gentler than later on in the day. In the afternoon, head over to explore the caves located a ten minute walk from the beach. Don’t worry if you’re claustrophobic — they resemble massive underground amphitheaters and don’t have any narrow tunnels to navigate.

In the evening, watch the sun set on the beach and then head to the restaurants and bars in town, many of which feature live music. End your day with a nighttime walk on the beach, where you can enjoy the bonfires that dot the shoreline with locals and tourists alike.

Day Three

On your final day, head to Tamanique, a small town located close to Playa El Tunco. Tamanique’s famous waterfalls are a 30 minute hike from town, and you can either hike to the falls on your own or hire a local guide to take you. The falls are located in a gorgeous canyon surrounded by lush forests, and there you can swim and jump in from ledges of varying heights. After enjoying the falls, conclude your trip in San Salvador, the capital city located a short ride away. San Salvador is a city steeped in colonial history, and you can stroll the streets to see colonial architecture as well as visit museums, parks, and more. Finish your trip with a great meal at one of San Salvador’s fantastic restaurants.

Three days is ample time for you to see for yourself why El Salvador is such a popular tourist destination. From hiking volcanoes to jumping from waterfalls to surfing on pristine beaches, El Salvador is a can’t-miss vacation destination.


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