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El Salvador is a vacation destination like no other. Filled with gorgeous beaches, lush landscapes, and adventures for thrill seekers, it is quickly becoming a must-visit destination.
We’ll uncover the volcanoes, caves, beaches, waterfalls, and mountains that offer visitors incredible experiences and make El Salvador such a treasure. Join us as we explore this hidden gem in Central America.

Cerro Verde National Park

First on our list is Cerro Verde, more commonly known as Los Volcanes National Park. This is a must-do for hikers who want to explore El Salvador’s majestic volcanoes. Three of the country’s most impressive volcanoes – Cerro Verde, Izalco, and Santa Ana – are located inside Cerro Verde National Park. You can hike up the volcanoes alone or hire a tour guide to take you at a very reasonable price. If you prefer not to hike, horses are available to ride through the rich mountainside. Staying in Cerro Verde National Park provides easy access to some of the best hiking in all of El Salvador.

Playa El Tunco

If you’re looking for a quiet beach with spectacular waves and caves, Playa El Tunco is the place for you. There are only two main streets in El Tunco, but with bars, restaurants, and hostels, it’s the perfect place to escape the crowds. If you want to take a break from the waves, explore the sea caves nearby during low tide or go rock climbing and cliff jumping at El Tunco’s waterfalls. After a day of action, enjoy some of the best sunsets in all of El Salvador and relax with the locals who descend on El Tunco from nearby towns on the weekends.

Tamanique Waterfalls

Located a short bus ride away from many of El Salvador’s beaches, Tamanique is a mountain town packed with amazing waterfalls. Escaping to Tamanique for the day is a great way to take a break from surfing. Hire a local guide to take you on the 30-minute hike to the waterfalls where you can enjoy cliff jumping into crystal clear water from falls as high as 40 feet.

Walter Deininger National Park

Located in the south-central part of El Salvador, Walter Deininger National Park is a lush park of 1,800 acres perfectly suited for adrenaline junkies seeking thrills in an exotic locale. One of the most important forest preserves in all of El Salvador, Walter Deininger National Park has a wealth of activities for you to explore. During the day, take advantage of the thrilling mountain biking paths that weave through the park, adventure through caves scattered throughout the park, or go rock climbing. The park also features obstacle courses and zip lining for those who prefer more low-key activities. At night, go hiking on the designated paths and camp out in the park.

Lake Coatepeque

If you want to take a break from hiking, surfing and cliff jumping, check out Lake Coatepeque, a lake centered in the heart of a volcanic crater. Lake Coatepeque is a hidden gem that offers jet skiing, scuba diving, boating, kayaking, and swimming. As most of the lakeshore properties are privately owned, the lush landscape remains free of that crowds that flood many of El Salvador’s more popular attractions. You can also take advantage of fishing options or explore the hot springs that dot the outside of the lake.

From zip lining to surfing, and caving to mountain biking, El Salvador offers adventurous vacationers the trip of a lifetime. In this unspoiled paradise you will enjoy stunning beaches and majestic mountains as well as great food and hospitality. Visiting these hidden gems will ensure a fantastic experience and prompt you to make plans to return in the future. Trust us this is your next destination.


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