Kontent Room in four easy steps



Step 1: Identification

What content is going to grab your audience’s attention?

Before we build content, our Kontent Room technology analyzes the variables that determine how interested an audience is in certain topics, words, trends or terms. This ‘identification of interest’ guarantees that the content Kontent Room creates for its brands attracts a higher than average consumption.

Step 2: Segmentation

How can you group audiences according to topics of interest?

Conventional content marketing strategies tend to speak to the audiences brands are already familiar with. Kontent Room goes further. Our technology ensures we distribute content intelligently across the thousands of media linked to our network, so we hit publishing niches and uncover new audiences attracted by specific topics.

Step 3: Customization

How can your content be tailored to the audience’s interests?

Kontent Room, together with our intelligent data processing technology, filters the interests of audiences that have consumed certain content, in order to create new content, or personalized advertising messages, that direct their interest towards a conversion.

Step 4: Performance

At what point does our content generate results?

We believe brand content has to be aligned to be successful. Our dynamic retargeting, and content performance tool, allows us to transform the data we collect on audiences’ needs and interests into personalized brand messages aimed at specific conversion actions.



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