BY Devlyn

Glasses for computer work: Everything you need to know


Most of us spend many hours in front of a computer, thanks to the work and study we do every day. Unfortunately, our eyes can suffer from too much screen use, a problem specialists now know as ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’. The best way to prevent this syndrome is to use glasses that are specially designed for computer use.

Advances in manufacturing and technology mean eyeglasses for computer use are designed with specific properties in mind, which means you can work without the glare from your screen affecting your eyes. When choosing the right glasses for your work or study, make sure you take the following into account:

• Any adjustments you need to make to your screen position
• Corrections for astigmatism, if it’s something you experience
• Whether monovision is necessary
• The importance of anti-glare or anti-reflective (AR) coatings

Find out more here about which eyeglasses you need for your computer work.



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